Kelly Snider Consulting

Land Use, Community Building, Entitlement, Planning & Real Estate Development Services

Kelly Snider, M.C.P.

I have deep experience in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area in the built environment and the policy realm guiding it. I am a seasoned, experienced executive who’s been buying, entitling, designing, developing, and improving urban places for over 20 years. My experience in both the public and private sectors, plus my educational and non-profit expertise, gives me a unique perspective and informs all my work on behalf of cities, agencies, non-profits, and developers. My political, professional, and community relationships – in conjunction with my experience and strategic problem-solving methods – lead to great outcomes with minimal bickering and lawsuits (note: currently working to apply these skills to my personal life).

I am dedicated to improving our urban places in order to put PEOPLE first – the ways we live, work, raise families, socialize, improve health and create community. Our 21st century lifestyles require 21st century places – and retrofitting everything has to happen quickly, sustainably, and equitably.